Three Counsellors

by AE
It was the fairy of the place,
Moving within a little light,
Who touched with dim and shadowy grace
The conflict at its fever height.

It seemed to whisper " Quietness, "
Then quietly itself was gone:
Yet echoes of its mute caress
Were with me as the years went on.

It was the warrior within
Who called " Awake, prepare for fight:
Yet lose not memory in the din:
Make of thy gentleness thy might:

" Make of thy silence words to shake
The long-enthroned kings of earth:
Make of thy will the force to break
Their towers of wantonness and mirth. "

It was the wise all-seeing soul
Who counselled neither war nor peace:
" Only be thou thyself that goal
In which the wars of time shall cease. "
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