'Tis night,—but yet the moon is high

'T is night,—but yet the moon is high,
And floating round her shadowy throne
The fleecy clouds in slumber lie,
And gird her with a golden zone.

The air is hushed, the leaves are still;
The lake its glassy mirror spreads;
The moonlight settles on the hill
And silvers o'er the mountain-heads.

There is a spirit in the wind,—
It whispers peace into the soul;
A balm that stills the ruffled mind,
The heaving bosom's sweet control.

Though passion sleeps, yet memory wakes,
And fancy calls her airy train;
A thousand blended hues she takes,
And lost enjoyments live again.

She summons up the raptured hour
When life was pure, and thought was free,
And, swayed alone by Nature's power,
I roamed in careless liberty.

My being's dawn, my days of feeling,
The sunny spring-time of my soul,
When the warm tide of life is swelling,
And all our pulses wildly roll,—

The days of health and joy and love,
And glowing hopes and prospects high,—
I see them—and my heart's fond dove,
Her beck'ning smile, her speaking eye.

Ah, thou art here!—I feel thy breath;
It fans my pale and withered cheek,
It starts me from my dream of death;—
O, it is heaven to hear thee speak!

And then to hang upon thee so,
Those lips how sweet, how warm that kiss!
What words of honey o'er them flow!
Those liquid tones, how full of bliss!

And how our meeting bosoms beat,
And how our mutual feelings blend!
I call thee love and life and sweet,
And oh! thou say'st, my heart's sole friend.

Our thoughts, our hopes, our joys are one,
In one full tide our being rolls;
This is the bosom's unison,
The harmony of kindred souls.

Our spirits burst the bands of earth,
By love's o'erpowering influence driven;
This is indeed a second birth,
O, this it is to live in heaven!

Begone, fond dream! I stand alone,—
By night's chill dews my locks are wet,
Love's paradise for ever flown,
My sun in utter darkness set.

Slow through my veins the ice-drops creep,
My fancy's cherished vision fled,
My feelings wrapt in endless sleep;—
I live, but oh! my heart is dead.
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