Tis Pleasant to Walk

Tis pleasant to walk by the green wood side
And stand by the spinney rails
Where the misty rauk like smoke spreads wide
And slow the puddock sails
Tis pleasant to walk by the creeping brook
Where the thistle and rest harrow bloom
Where the black snail crawls by the sun forsook
And creeps o'er the moss i' the gloom
Tis then we will roam wi' the moon for our guide
And Lucy's fond whispers walking close to my side.

Tis pleasant to walk with the maid at eve
While the bat's on his leathern wing
Fly's close to her bonnet not asking leave
And in hedge rows the nightingales sing
Tis heaven to kiss on her dew whet cheek
And play with her coal black hair
While on her pale face the moon beam weak
Falls and makes shadows there
The hazle by her side and the oak above
Shades on her sweet face and twitters o' love.

Tis pleasant to see her form so bright
And her bright glance turned on mine
I' the green o' the leaves and the pale moon light
And it[s] shadows so darkly divine
Tis more than is pleasant to kiss her sweet face
And see her eyes smiling on mine
I' the green and the love o [the place]
Where we stood in the pale moon shine
By the old park side neath the old oak tree
In her sunday gown my Lucy and me.
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