Sorrow is a sitar that cuts the maestro's finger

just to test the sharpness of its strings;

Happiness is a lndlord, who has no room to let,

yet does not take down the TO LET sign;

Adversity is that big arch thru which you can see

the real face of your friend.

And love is like a pillow that has to be sun-dried

now and then, or else it stinks;

While separation is a left-behind suitcase - its key

has gone with the owner, and there's no spare.

Your wife is your old bank account: it's troublesome

these days to withdraw money, because signatures don't match.

And your children?

Your children are the mileposts to your grave-

Footprints of the traveller snatched away by a tiger.

(from On Behula's Raft)

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