True Freedom



We want no flag, no flaunting rag,
For Liberty to fight;
We want no blaze of murderous guns,
To struggle for the right.
Our spears and swords are printed words,
The mind our battle-plain;
We've won such victories before,
And so we shall again.


We love no triumphs sprung of force —
They stain her brightest cause:
'Tis not in blood that Liberty
Inscribes her civil laws.
She writes them on the people's heart
In language clear and plain;
True thoughts have moved the world before,
And so they shall again.


We yield to none in earnest love
Of freedom's cause sublime;
We join the cry, " Fraternity !"
We keep the march of Time.
And yet we grasp nor pike nor spear,
Our victories to obtain;
We've won without their aid before,
And so we shall again.


We want no aid of barricade
To show a front to wrong;
We have a citadel in truth,
More durable and strong.
Calm words, great thoughts, unflinching faith,
Have never striv'n in vain;
They've won our battles many a time,
And so they shall again.


Peace, progress, knowledge, brotherhood —
The ignorant may sneer,
The bad deny; but we rely
To see their triumph near.
No widows' groans shall load our cause,
No blood of brethren stain;
We've won without such aid before,
And so we shall again.
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