Turkish Verses Address'd to the Sultana, Eldest Daughter of S Achmet 3d.

Address'd to the Sultana Eldest Daughter of S[ultan] Achmet 3d.

Stanza I

Now Philomel renews her tender strain,
Indulging all the night her pleasing Pain.
I sought the Groves to hear the Wanton sing,
There saw a face more beauteous than the Spring,
Your large stag's-eyes where 1000 glorys play,
As bright, as Lively, but as wild as they.


In vain I'm promis'd such a heavenly prize,
Ah Cruel Sultan who delays my Joys!
While pierceing charms transfix my Amorous Heart
I dare not snatch one kiss to ease the smart.
Those Eyes like etc.


Your wretched Lover in these lines complains,
From those dear Beautys rise his killing pains.
When will the Hour of wish'd-for Bliss arrive?
Must I wait longer? Can I wait and live?
Ah bright Sultana! Maid divinely fair!
Can you unpitying see the pain I bear?

Stanza 4th

The Heavens relenting hear my peircing Crys,
I loath the Light, and Sleep forsakes my Eyes.
Turn thee Sultana e're thy Lover dyes.
Sinking to Earth, I sigh the last Adeiu —
Call me my Goddesse and my Life renew.
My Queen! my Angel! my fond Heart's desire,
I rave — my bosom burns with Heavenly fire.
Pity that Passion which thy Charms inspire.
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