'Twas on an April Morning

Twas on an April morning
When the Cowslips were in blooming
And daisies banks adorning
And sunny beams illuming
I down the meadow rambled
And by the river strayed
Among white thorn and bush
Where I met a lovely maid.

Right early i' the morning
Before the break o' day
When the crimson east was dawning
And the morning sky blue grey
I met a lovely Maiden
And singing on her way
With well scoured Milk pails laden
Just by the break o' day.

The dew drops in the cowslips
Shone like some silver pearl
The bullrush like a bow dips
Reeds rustle near the girl
Who fills her pail wi' new milk
By the sandy spotted Cow
While she thinks a gown of blue silk
Would well become her now.

Larks whistle round like lovers
Then drop into the grass
And pairs o' screaming Plovers
Swop round the lovely lass,
Purple dew the eve is bringing
The sun is sinking low
While the Maiden milketh singing
Her sandy spotted Cow.
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