'Twas in a Summer's Morning

Twas in a summers morning I' the month of warm July
The sun green meads adorning And lovely looked the sky
Hay cocks bleached on the grass And some lay in the swath
When by a neat and lovely lass Went down the meadow path

My pretty maid good morning You've brought a charming day
Good morn she said not scorning What more I had to say
Through rustling flags and arrowhead The water wavered by
Light was the bonny maidens tread And sharp her quick reply

At my request the maid sat down Among the knop weed flowers
The sun had tanned her bosom brown And sultry were the hours
She sat her down upon the grass Where crickets chirped loud
She was a young and bonny lass Her cheeks with roses glowed

You've won my heart my dear said I, As I sat at her feet
Red was her lip and bright her eye The hay smelt very sweet
I clasped her by the neck so soft Like heap of burning twitch
The water rats were nibbling sedge The moon light hour was rich

The willow tree its shadow flings Like brigs across the stream
The owl his hooting ditty sings Her bosom white as cream
I kissed she took the homeward track Along the meadow ground
" Good night " upon my ear came back In natures sweetest sound
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