'Twas wi' Sadness o' Heart

'Twas wi' sadness o' heart that my love and I parted
Tears fell on a rock as wheels they turn'd round
When I took a last kiss and felt nigh broken hearted
And then to Leith harbour my journey was bound
'Twas to better our fortune and feel more contented
And to go board a ship that I journeyed that day
The first and last time that I ever repented
And the childer to school were sent out o' the way


The morning was rough and snow round the pier head
Fell covering the rigging as white as a sheet
My childer were many I couldn't buy " dear bread"
Sae I went for a sailor better wages to meet
The little blue bell flower the friend o' my childhood
That grew where my dog snappt the flies fra his feet
Mid the heather and broom by the side o' the wild wood
My tears dropt amang them 'twas no use to greet


Sae my heart it took courage for Sailors were wanted
And I boarded a Merchant man ready to sail
My money was asked and the wages were granted
But the thoughts o' my true love they made me turn pale
Auld Scotland receded her vales and her mountains
Till they look'd little more than the palm o' ones hand
I turn'd a last look when I thought o her fountains
But the clouds stood a 'tween us no sight o the land


Then I plucked up my heart at sight o' the ocean
I thought o' my wife and the children the same
And I felt in my breast an uneasy commotion
And I paled in my face as it went and it came
My childer all tattered their mother in tears
These dear links o' memory are never forgot
The day wasn't spent I might be away years
But I answered myself 'tis to better my lot


The sea dog he bobb'd up his head like a buoy
And down by our sails rudely flappd the sea gull
But my heart ne'er o'erfed by contentment and joy
Was ready to burst wi its trouble sae full
The big billows roll'd o'er the deck o' the ship
I fear'd twas a wreck tho 'twas " only a storm "
The sailors around me were drinking their flip
Took not the least notice nor any alarm


Two years and nine months sin the day we first started
We toutch'd at both Indies and then hurried hame
Wi a bag full o gold well rigg'd and light hearted
To Ould bonny Scotland we voyaged again
The heath bells I left all their blue joys repeated
Still bloom'd by the fountain & smil'd i the dell
I kiss'd wife & childer wi kindness were greeted
My wife gave me cause she behaved so well.
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