Two Betty's The

N O tallies ever so could hit
As Betty and his model Pitt .
The Actor, at an infant's age,
Commands and fills the public stage:
The other Stripling, in his art,
Claims from the world a leading part; —
And, as the Characters were play'd,
Threw all the Kembles into shade.
A Virgin too, like Betty chaste,
His blushes charm'd the moral taste;
But little Betty's feats must yield
The honours of the scenic field.
From Covent Garden's envy'd reign,
Though he looks down on Drury Lane ,
The other Betty's prouder hand
In two King's Houses bore command;
And when he said not half a word
The mute was to the voice preferr'd.
It has been wish'd, his glory seal'd,
The boy for years could be conceal'd;
And some would think his parts improv'd
If t'other Betty was remov'd .
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