Uncle Sidney's Rhymes

Little Rapacity Greed was a glutton:
He'd eat any meat, from goose-livers to mutton;
All fowl, flesh, or sausage with all savors through it —
You never saw sausage stuffed as he could do it!
His nice mamma owned, " O he eats as none other
Than animal kind " ; and his bright little brother
Sighed, pained to admit a phrase non-eulogistic,
" Rap eats like a — pardon me — Cannibalistic. "
" He eats — like a boor , " said his sister — " a shameless
Plebeian, in sooth, of an ancestry nameless! "
" He eats, " moaned his father, despairingly placid
And hopeless, — " he eats like — he eats like an acid! "
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