Uncle William's Picture

Had his picture took.
" Have it done, of course, " says I,
" Jes' the way you look! "
(All dressed up, he was, fer the
Barbecue and jubilee
The old settlers helt.) So he —
Last he had it took.

Lide she'd coaxed and begged and pled,
Sence her mother went;
But he'd cough and shake his head
At all argyment;
Mebby clear his th'oat and say,
" What's my likeness 'mount to, hey,
Now with Mother gone away
From us, like she went? "

But we projicked round, tel we
Got it figgered down
How we'd git him, Lide and me,
Drivin' into town;
Bragged how well he looked and fleshed
Up around the face, and freshed
With the morning air; and breshed
His coat-collar down.

All so providential! W'y,
Now he's dead and gone,
Picture 'pears so lifelike I
Want to start him on
Them old tales he ust to tell,
And old talks so sociable,
And old songs he sung so well —
'Fore his voice was gone!

Face is sad to Lide , and they's
Sorrow in the eyes —
Kisses it sometimes, and lays
It away and cries.
I smooth down her hair, and 'low
He is happy, anyhow,
Bein' there with Mother now, —
Smile, and wipe my eyes.
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