Under Willows

Under willows among the graves
One was walking, ah welladay!
Where each willow her green boughs waves
Come April prime, come May.
Under willows among the graves
She met her lost love, ah welladay!
Where in Autumn each wild wind raves
And whirls sere leaves away.

He looked at her with a smile,
She looked at him with a sigh,
Both paused to look awhile;
Then he passed by,
Passed by and whistled a tune;
She stood silent and still:
It was the sunniest day in June,
Yet one felt a chill.

Under willows among the graves
I know a certain black black pool
Scarce wrinkled when Autumn raves;
Under the turf is cool;
Under the water it must be cold;
Winter comes cold when Summer's past;
Though she live to be old, so old,
She shall die at last.
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