Oh unforgotten!
How long ago? one spirit saith:
As long as life even unto death,
The passage of a poor frail breath.

Oh unforgotten:
An unforgotten load of love,
A load of grief all griefs above,
A blank blank nest without its dove.

As long as time is —
No longer? time is but a span
The dalliance space of empty man;
And is this all immortals can? —

Ever and ever,
Beyond all time, beyond all space; —
Now , shadow darkening heart and face, —
Then , glory in a glorious place.

Sad heart and spirit
Bowed now yea broken for a while,
Lagging and toiling mile by mile
Yet pressing toward the eternal smile.

Oh joy eternal! —
Oh youth eternal without flaw! —
Thee not the blessed angels saw
Rapt in august adoring awe.

Not the dead have thee,
Not yet O all surpassing peace;
Not till this veiling world shall cease
And harvest yield its whole increase.

Not the dead know thee,
Not dead nor living nor unborn:
Who in the new sown field at morn
Can measure out the harvest corn? —

Yet they shall know thee;
And we with them, and unborn men
With us, shall know and have thee when
The single grain shall wax to ten.
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