The Unheard


ONE in the musical throng
Stood forth with his violin;
And warm was his welcome, and long
The later applause and the din. —
He had uttered, with masterful skill,
A melody hailed of men;
And his own blood leapt a-thrill,
As they thundered again.


Another stood forth. — And a rose
Bloomed in her hair — likewise
One at her tremulous throat —
And a rapture bloomed in her eyes.
Tempests of cheers upon cheers,
Praises to last a life long;
Roses in showers of tears —
All for her song.


One sat apart and alone,
Her lips clasped close and straight,
Uttering never a tone
That the World might hear, elate —
Uttering never a low
Murmurous verse nor a part
Of the veriest song — But O
The song in her heart!
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