Unto that lowly lovely maid, I wis

Unto that lowly lovely maid, I wis,
So poignant in the heart was thy salute,
That she changed countenance, remaining mute.
Wherefore I asked: " Pinella, how is this?
Hast heard of Guido? know'st thou who he is?"
She answered, " Yea;" then paused, irresolute;
But I saw well how the love-wounds acute
Were widened, and the star which Love calls his
Filled her with gentle brightness perfectly.
" But, friend, an't please thee, I would have it told,"
She said, " how I am known to him through thee.
Yet since, scarce seen, I knew his name of old, —
Even as the riddle is read, so must it be.
Oh! send him love of mine a thousand-fold!"
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Bernardo da Bologna
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