Upon a lady my love is lente

Upon a lady my love is lente,
Withoutene change of any chere—
That is lovely and continent
And most at my desire.

This lady is in my herte pight;
Her to love I have gret haste.
With all my power and my might
To her I make mine herte stedfast.

Therfor will I non other spouse
Ner none other loves, for to take;
But only to her I make my vowes,
And all other to forsake.

This lady is gentill and meke,
Moder she is and well of all;
She is never for to seke,
Nother too grete ner too small.

Redy she is night and day,
To man and wommon and childe infere,
If that they will aught to her say,
Our prayeres mekely for to here.

To serve this lady we all be bounde
Both night and day in every place,
Where ever we be, in felde or towne,
Or elles in any other place.

Pray we to this lady bright,
In the worship of the Trinite,
To bringe us alle to heven light.
Amen, say we, for charite.
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