Upon Reading a Book Entituled Common Sense

The Vizard drop'd, see Subtilty prevail,
Thro' ev'ry Page of this fallacious Tale,
Sylvania let it not unanswer'd pass,
But heed the well guess'd Snake beneath the Grass,
A deeper Wound at Freedom, ne'er was made,
Than by this Oliverian is display'd.
Orders confounded, — Dignities thrown down,
Charters degraded equal with the Crown,
The impartial Press, most partially maintain'd
Freedom infring'd, & Conscience is restrain'd,
The moderate Man is held to publick View,
" The Friend of Tyranny & Foe to you, "
Deny'd the common Right to represent
Forbid to give his Reasons for Dissent,
Whilst base Informers — (Own'd a publick Pest)
Are round the Land encourag'd & caress'd
Our Representatives, — the Peoples Choice
Are held contemptuous by this daring Voice
Persons are seiz'd & Posts monopoliz'd
And all our Form of Government despis'd, —
— Then from this " Specimen of Rule " beware,
Behold the Serpent & avoid his Snare.
'Tis not in Names, our present Danger lyes
Sixty as well as one can tyrannize,
Ah! then awake Sylvania & beware,
The fatal Danger of this subtle Snare,
Hold fast your own, your charter'd Rights maintain
Nor let them weave the Snare into the Chain,
And whilst firm Union stands the British Foes,
Let not the native Hand your Date of Freedom close. —
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