Verses to be Prefix'd before Bernard Lintot's New Miscellany

To be prefix'd before


Some Colinaeus praise, some Bleau ,
Others account 'em but so so;
Some Plantin to the rest prefer,
And some esteem Old-Elzevir;
Others with Aldus would besot us;
I, for my Part, admire Lintottus . —
His Character's beyond Compare,
Like his own Person, large and fair.
They print their Names in Letters small,
But L INTOT stands in Capital:
Author and he, with equal Grace,
Appear, and stare you in the Face:
Stephens prints Heathen Greek , 'tis said,
Which some can't construe, some can't read:
But all that comes from Lintot 's Hand
Ev'n Ra [ wlin ] son might understand.
Oft in an Aldus , or a Plantin ,
A Page is blotted, or Leaf wanting:
Of Lintot 's Books this can't be said,
All fair, and not so much as read.
Their Copy cost 'em not a Penny
To Homer, Virgil , or to any;
They ne'er gave Sixpence for two Lines ,
To them, their Heirs, or their Assigns:
But Lintot is at vast Expence,
And pays prodigious dear for — Sense.
Their Books are useful but to few,
A Scholar, or a Wit or two:
Lintot 's for gen'ral Use are fit;
For some Folks read, but all Folks sh - - -.
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