A Version of the First Psalm, for the Use of a Young Lady


The maid is blest that will not hear
Of masquerading tricks,
Nor lends to wanton songs an ear,
Nor sighs for coach and six.

To please her shall her husband strive
With all his main and might,
And in her love shall exercise
Himself both day and night.

She shall bring forth most pleasant fruit,
He flourish still, and stand,
Ev'n so all things shall prosper well,
That this maid takes in hand.

No wicked whores shall such luck
Who follow their own wills,
But purg'd shall be to skin and bone,
With mercury and pills.

For why, the pure and cleanly maids,
Shall all, good husbands gain;
But filthy and uncleanly jades
Shall rot in Drury-lane.
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