The Village Belle

The happy thorn bushes were just in their greenest
And green was the meadow bank greener the lea
The sun on the rippling lake shone the serenest
But the belle in the meadow's the beauty for me
Her bra' gown it waved in the gales o the morning
And her strippit ribbons they fluttered so gay
Her face was all beauty o' natures adorning
As she went to the fair by the hedge rows o' may


As soon as she pass't me the fields turn'd a' gloomy
The green grass seem'd naething so green as before
The flowers lost their colours erewhile they were bloomy
And the sunshine na pleasured my fancy na more
I left the green holly and follow'd the maiden
And soon overtook her beneath the elm tree
With blushes and beauty her features were laden
But I dare not tell what she granted to me


Bright again shone the flowers the daisy & pilewort
That studded the grass every inch of the way
I kiss't her ripe lips, and got a sweet smile for't
Oh she blushed like a rose all the rest o' the day
The meadows were all in bright butter cups glaring
Green again was the grass and bright blue was the sky
I vow on next may day to give her a fairing
Should she have the kindness to pass this way by
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