Villkins and His Dinah


There was a rich Dutchman
In New York did dwell;
He had a fine daughter
The truth for to tell.


Her name was Katrina,
As sweet as a rose,
And she had a large fortune
In the hands of old Mose.


As Katrina was drinking buttermilk one day,
Her father came to her thus he did say,
" Now hurry up, Katrina, the parlor go to,
There's a young man waits to go riding with you. "


" O, father, why don't they some other girls find?
To ride with these people I don't feel inclined.
They drive the buggy so fast they make me feel weak,
And I want to get married mit Hans Dunder next week. "


Then her father got mad and he swore his God damn
She never should marry mit any young man;
" If you like dis Hans Dunder then go take his bags
And with his hooks and his baskets go help gather rags. "


Then away to the kitchen Katrina ran saying,
" I'll eat me my breakfast so fast as I can;
Then I'll travel away since I can't be his wife. "
But 'twas by this thing that Katrina lost her life.


For as she was eating a big bologna sausage
It stuck in her throat and stopped up the passage;
She tried hard to breathe but by grief overcome
Her head it rolled round and she fell very much numb.


Now as Hans Dunder chanced to pass by the door,
He saw his Katrina lying dead on the floor;
The big bologna sausage lay there by her side
And he said, " I'll be damned 'twas by this thing she died. "


Now all you young fellers take warning from me,
Be careful whose girl you go for to see;
And all you young ladies what court in the passage,
Think of Hans and Katrina and the big bologna sausage.
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