The Waggin' O' Our Dog's Tail

We hae a dog that wags his tail
(He 's a bit of a wag himsel', O!)
Every day he gangs down the town,
At nicht he 's news to tell, O!
The waggin' o' our dog's tail, bow-wow!
The waggin' o' our dog's tail.

He saw the Provost o' the town.
Parading down the street, O!
Quo' he, ‘Ye're no like me, my lord,
For ye canna see your feet, O!’

He saw a man grown unco poor,
And looking sad and sick, O!
Quo' he, ‘Cheer up, for ilka dog
Has aye a bane to pick, O!’

He saw a man wi' mony a smile,
Wi'out a grain o' sowl, O!
Quo' he, ‘I 've noticed mony a dog
Could bite and never growl, O!’

He saw a man look gruff and cross,
Wi'out a grain o' spite, O!
Quo' he, ‘He 's like a hantle dogs
Whose bark is waur than their bite, O!’

He saw an M.P. unco proud,
Because o' power and pay, O!
Quo' he, ‘Yer tail is cockit heigh,
But ilka dog has his day, O!’

He saw some ministers fighting hard,
And a frae a bit o' pride, O!
‘It 's a pity,’ quo' he, ‘when dogs fa' out
Aboot their ain fireside, O!’

He saw a man gaun staggerm' hame,
His face baith black and blue, O!
Quo' he, ‘I'm ashamed of the stupid brute,
For never a dog gets fou', O!’

He saw a man wi' a hairy face,
Wi' beard and big moustache, O!
Quo' he, ‘We baith are towsy dogs,
But ye hae claes and cash, O!’

He saw a crowd in a bonny park,
Where dogs were not allowed, O!
Quo' he, ‘The rats in kirk and state
If we were there might rue 't, O!’

He saw a man that fleeched a lord,
And flatterin' lees did tell, O!
Quo' he, ‘A dog's owre proud for that,
He 'll only claw himsel', O!’

He saw a doctor drivin' about,
And ringin' every bell, O!
Quo' he, ‘I 've been as sick 's a dog,
But I aye could cure mysel', O!’

He heard a lad and leddie braw
Singin' a grand duet, O!
Quo' he, ‘I 've heard a cat and dog
Could yowl as weel as that, O!’

He saw a laddie swaggerin' big,
Frae tap to tae sae trim, O!
Quo' he, ‘It 's no' for a dog to laugh
That ance was a pup like him, O!’

Our doggie he cam' hame at e'en,
And scarted baith his lugs, O!
Quo' he, ‘If folk had only tails
They'd be maist as gude as dogs, O!’
The waggin' o' our dog's tail, bow-wow!
The waggin' o' our dog's tail.
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