The Walk Last Sabbath Day

I took a walk last sabbath day In my best sunday suit
I passed a maiden on the way She stooped to tie her boot
She looked so beautiful she did And she was all alone
Thick arms and shape light drapery hid Turned both my eyes to stone.

O what a breast her bosom wore That when [she] stooped hung down
Whiter and bigger than before The fairest i the Town
And had unpin'd abin her gown The red runned from out her stayes
Like croodie on the grass so brown Or lodged at her Shoe taes.

She looked so sweet I forced to stop The blush up ears and eyes
She seemed too heavy at the top Unable all to rise
And where her boot lace came undone A purple orchis grew
I saw it in the evening sun And in the morning dew.

I saw't o evenings i' the week Each sunday i' the year
And purposed journeys came to seek When orchis flowers appear
O they are clods that never seek For true loves living powers
When beans grow up as green as leeks I hunt the Orchis flower.
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