A Watering-Place Lady Inventoried

A sweetness of temper unsurpassed and unforgettable,

A mole on the cheek whose absence would have been regrettable,

A ripple of pleasant converse full of modulation,

A bearing of inconveniences without vexation,

Till a cynic would find her amiability provoking,

Tempting him to indulge in mean and wicked joking.

Flawlessly oval of face, especially cheek and chin,

With a glance of a quality that beckoned for a glance akin,

A habit of swift assent to any intelligence broken,

Before the fact to be conveyed was fully spoken

And she could know to what her colloquist would win her, —

This from a too alive impulsion to sympathy in her, —

All with a sense of the ridiculous, keen yet charitable;

In brief, a rich, profuse attractiveness unnarratable.

I should have added her hints that her husband prized her but slenderly,

And that (with a sigh) 'twas a pity she'd no one to treat her tenderly.

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