Wedded Jane

Is loves gold ring been broken
The twin hearts golden token
Dearest Jane,
‘Truth told beside the alter
Was that e'er known to falter
Come again’
I wooed thee and we wed
Bride from the alter led
The Bells rung when abed
‘Wedded Jane’

In summer both united
In flowers and green fields plighted
Dearest Jane
Birds sung the truth o' nature
And thou Mans sweetest creature
Come again
The cowslips gild the morn
The chaffinch on the thorn
Sings just as when at dawn
I courted Jane.

But twenty years have braided
Loves wreaths that bloomed and faded
Absent Jane
The chaffinch sings to morrow
None heeds if joy or sorrow
Dearest Jane
Flowers came and none to heed
I' hedge rows and the mead
E'en the meanest weed
Wanted Jane.

Cowslips have come again
And daisy's sheet the plain
Come again
Loves golden ties near parted
Though true love has been thwarted
Dearest Jane
I wooed thee and I wed thee
And to the alter led thee
Come to love where thy head lay
Beautiful Jane.

Come here to my heart love
And we'll never more part love
My beautiful Jane
The cowslips are growing
The broad waters are flowing
Pay debts to love owing
My beautiful Jane
‘And then we'll have ease love’
‘And live as we please love’
‘In wedlock all freed’
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