Weep For Jerusalem


Weep not for the Israelites by Babels lone streams
Whose altars are waste whose dwellings are dreams
For the God of their fathers, has left them a prey
To the strife of the heathen to murder and slay
Oh! weep for Jerusalem by the lone streams
Of Babel whose dwellings are nothing but dreams


The heathen has swept all their dwellings away
And God's holy city has fallen a prey
Their altars are desolate by the lone streams
Their cities are ruins, their dwellings are dreams
Their land desolations lone desert — and they
Like the dust which the whirlwind up gathers away


O weep for Jerusalem by Babels lone streams
Whose shrines are all desolate, whose kingdoms are dreams
Whose lands are but deserts whose children but clay
Which the strife of the whirlwind up gathers away
Like the ears from the sickle, the leaves in the blast
Their lands and their altars are perished and past.
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