We'll Wander Through the Heather

How brightly shines the heather
How yellow is the broom
Let us wander out together
Among the mountain bloom
Let us wanner by the burnie
On this pleasant dee
And take a lovers journey
Mary Aiken and me

We'll wanner O'er the mountain
We'll loiter in the dell
And we'll sit by the fountain
Both together by our sel
And we'll be pleased wi nature
The blossom and the bee
Thou beautiful in feature
I'll love thee and only thee

The gold drops on the broom
Like those upon thy breast
Are moulded on its bloom
At sunset in the west
The blush upon the brere
Sae courted by the bee
Are naething half so dear
As thy kisses are to me

We'll wanner through the heather
We'll hide amang the broom
And enjoy the simmer weather
And the mountains simmer bloom
And well sit down by the braeken
And lovely scenes we'll see
For dear is Mary Aiken
As the blossom to the bee
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