A Wet Day at Midsummer

How mournfully the lingering rain-drops sound,
As one by one they rustle on the leaves,
To him who inly groans in sad suspense
Watching some pale lov'd face! The summer eve
Is dimm'd by showers, and murky hues o'ercast
The comfortable glow that wont to cheer
This musing hour. E'en such a mist has hung
O'er thee, my sister, when-so thou hast look'd
From thy sad couch o'er lawns and turfy glades,
Where erst, the lightest in the rural throng,
Blithesome you roved, in blessing all most blest
And as e'en now beneath yon dusky arch
Bursts unexpected light, so Faith's fond eye
Looks on to days of health, when smilingly
We shall recount these long anxieties,
And bliss be dearer for remember'd woe.
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