The What D'Ye Call It, The: A Tragi-Comi-Pastoral Farce - Prologue

Spoken by Mr. Pinkethman .

The entertainment of this night — or day,
This something, or this nothing of a Play,
Which strives to please all palates at a time,
With ghosts and men, songs, dances, prose and rhime,
This comic story, or this tragic jest,
May make you laugh, or cry, as you like best;
May exercise your good, or your ill-nature,
Move with distress, or tickle you with satyr.
All must be pleas'd too with their Parts, we think:
Our maids have sweethearts, and their Worships drink.
Criticks, we know, by ancient rules may maul it;
But sure Gallants must like — the What d'ye call it.
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