What Little Saul Got, Christmas

Us parents mostly thinks our own's
The smartest childern out!
But Widder Shelton's little Saul
Beats all I know about!
He's weakly-like — in p'int o' health,
But strong in word and deed
And heart and head, and snap and spunk,
And allus in the lead!

Comes honest by it, fer his Pa —
Afore he passed away —
He was a leader — (Lord, I'd like
To hear him preach to-day!)
He led his flock; he led in prayer
Fer spread o' Peace — and when
Nothin' but War could spread it, he
Was first to lead us then!

So little Saul has grit to take
Things jes' as they occur;
And Sister Shelton's proud o' him
As he is proud o' her!
And when she " got up " — jes' fer him
And little playmates all —
A Chris'mus-tree — they ever'one
Was there but little Saul.

Pore little chap was sick in bed
Next room; and Doc was there,
And said the children might file past,
But go right back to where
The tree was, in the settin'-room.
And Saul jes' laid and smiled —
Ner couldn't nod, ner wave his hand,
It hurt so — Bless the child!

And so they left him there with Doc —
And warm tear of his Ma's . . .
Then — suddent-like — high over all
Their laughture and applause —
They heerd: " I don't care what you git
On yer old Chris'mus-tree,
'Cause I'm got somepin' you all hain't —
I'm got the pleurisy! "
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