What shall little children bring

What shall little children bring
As a grateful offering,
For the ever-watchful care
That surrounds us everywhere?

Gathered in this happy fold,
Safe from wintry want and cold,
Fed by hands that never tire;
Warmed at love's unfailing fire.

Sheltered by protecting arms
From the great world's sins and harms,
While a patience, wise and sweet,
Guides our little wandering feet, —

Thou who hear'st the ravens call,
Thou who seest the sparrows fall,
Thou who holdest safe and warm
Lost lambs in thy tender arm, —

Father! dearest name of all,
Bless thy children great and small;
Rich and poor alike are thine,
Knit by charity divine.

Willing hearts and open hands,
Love that every ill withstands,
Faith and hope in Thee our King, —
These shall be our offering.
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