What She Said

Akananuru 348

What will happen now?

The ripe, sweet, aromatic mangoes of summer
from the stout trees
in the yards
and the glowing inner segments
of green-skinned jackfruit,
mixed with honey,

age in long bottles,
sections of the swaying bamboo,
and brew into a liquor
as powerful, as quick
as a viper.

The hillsmen
offer it first to the mountain,
sky peak and living god;
soon get drunk on it,
served by their women in leaf skirts,
and forget to guard
the millet fields on the slopes
which elephants attack and ravage.
Then they feel outraged,
gather in councils,
young men and old men
gripping their bows,
and search the hills
for the rogue animals,
in the country
of my man.
Heart, so trustful
of his sweet and empty speeches,
what will happen to you
Author of original: 
Maturai Ilampalaciriyan Centan Kuttanar
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