What She Said, Thinking of Him Crossing the Wilderness Alone

Akananuru 11

The round blazing sun
creeps in the sky,
raging as a fire
in the forest,

and the silk-cotton tree
is leafless
yet in flower
without a bud,

like a long array
of red lamps
in the month of Karttikai
lit happily
by bustling women,

in the fruitless forest
where the pools are dry, dusty.

If only
he'd spend the time with me,
it would go fast,

if only he'd walk swiftly with me
on the dunes
overhung with flowering boughs,
all fragrant,
where the forest stream flows now
and the sand
is laid out like a woman's bodice,

he could have what arms desire,
loving embraces,
body entering body,

and then my guiltless eyes
that now fill
ceaselessly like barren pools
fed by secret springs

could put aside
their daily sorrow
and find some sleep.
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