When David had perceived in his breast

When David had perceived in his breast
The sprite of God returned that was exiled,
Because he knew he hath alone expressed
These great things that greater sprite compiled,
As shawm or pipe lets out the sound impressed,
By music's art forged tofore and filed,
I say when David had perceived this
The sprite of comfort in him revived is.
For thereupon he maketh argument
Of reconciling unto the Lord's grace,
Although some time to prophesy have lent
Both brute beasts and wicked hearts a place.
But our David judgeth in his intent
Himself by penance clean out of this case,
Whereby he hath remission of offence,
And ginneth to allow his pain and penitence.

But when he weigh'th the fault and recompense,
He damn'th his deed and findeth plain
Atween them two no whit equivalence;
Whereby he takes all outward deed in vain
To bear the name of rightful penitence,
Which is alone the heart returned again
And sore contrite that doth his fault bemoan,
And outward deed the sign or fruit alone.

With this he doth defend the sly assault
Of vain allowance of his void desert,
And all the glory of his forgiven fault
To God alone he doth it whole convert.
His own merit he findeth in default.
And whilst he pondered these things in his heart,
His knee, his arm, his hand sustained his chin
When he his song again thus did begin.
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