When first mine eyes did view and mark


When first mine eyes did view and mark
Thy fair beauty to behold
And when mine ears listened to hark
The pleasant words that thou me told,
I would as then I had been free
From ears to hear and eyes to see.

And when my lips gan first to move,
Whereby my heart to thee was known,
And when my tongue did talk of love
To thee that hast true love down thrown,
I would my lips and tongue also
Had then been dumb, no deal to go.

And when my hands have handled aught
That thee hath kept in memory
And when my feet have gone and sought
To find and get thy company,
I would each hand a foot had been
And I each foot a hand had seen.

And when in mind I did consent
To follow this my fancy's will
And when my heart did first relent
To taste such bait my life to spill,
I would my heart had been as thine
Or else thy heart had been as mine.
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