When I Was Young

When I was young I fell in love and got but little good on't
When she passed I turned away
At first she would then woudn't
I wished to speak and then the sigh
Came first and always stopt it
Come silence tell my wishes then
I thought so and then dropt it
And never tried to speak agen.

The path that o'er the cornfield lay
I met her one day early
She turned her face another way
And I walked in the barley
A lark that moment sought the sky
Close to her gown or nearly
Her bright eye looked to see him fly
And then I loved her dearly.

And turns the rosey cheek to clay
Tis beauty's face in woman's form
That steals the senses all away
That rends the bosom like a storm
Though mild as evenings sober ray
The winds they sigh the dews they weep
And on the violets bosom fall
First love and truth unriddles all.
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