When Jenny was here I was seldom alone


When Jenny was here I was seldom alone
Her hand went in mine and her arm on my own
Then her beautiful arm in its green cotton sleave
Was pressed to my side and you cannot beleive
What pleasure I felt — and what pleasure I feel
In thinking on't now though I vainly conceal
My passion pretending I'm talking to flowers
I'm talking to Jane in her innocent hours.


I loved her when here — in her abscence I love
I'ts warm to my heart as the nest to the dove
At the sunset of even' she'd linger and stay
To see it go down till the night grizzled grey
I think of those kisses when trees left their green
And feel every wisper we uttered unseen
Where I stole the last kiss — here's the white thorn & breer
Though Jenny's long absent the stile is still here.


I never half told her beneath the green bough
The pleasant love tales as I'm telling of now
I always court better when left to my sell
Sometimes beside her I nothing could tell
I could preach like loves sermon book wandering alone
When the woods look'd so green and I felt her my own
O how I could court her 'neath this setting sun
And succeed all the better than e'er I had done


When Jenny was with me how bleated the sheep
While neath a wild rose bush we both fell asleep
I cropt her a rose in that innocent hour
While a bee stung her face that concealed in the flower
I loved her, and hugged her, and kissed the place well
And the wind sings the story in that mossy dell
Last Michaelmas Jenny was close to my call
— Now abscent what dreariness hangs over all
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