When Maimie Married

When Maimie married Charley Brown,
Joy took possession of the town;
The young folks swarmed in happy throngs —
They rang the bells — they caroled songs —
They carpeted the steps that led
Into the church where they were wed;
And up and down the altar-stair
They scattered roses everywhere;
When, in her orange-blossom crown,
Queen Maimie married Charley Brown.

So beautiful she was, it seemed
Men, looking on her, dreamed they dreamed;
And he, the holy man who took
Her hand in his, so thrilled and shook,
The gargoyles round the ceiling's rim
Looked down and leered and grinned at him,
Until he half forgot his part
Of sanctity, and felt his heart
Beat worldward through his sacred gown —
When Maimie married Charley Brown.

The bridesmaids kissed her, left and right —
Fond mothers hugged her with delight —
Young men of twenty-seven were seen
To blush like lads of seventeen,
The while they held her hand to quote
Such sentiments as poets wrote. —
Yea, all the heads that Homage bends
Were bowed to her. — But O my friends,
My hopes went up — my heart went down —
When Maimie married — Charley Brown!
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