When Thesus with werres longe and grete

[ Theseus in triumph ]

When Thesus with werres longe and grete
The aspre folk of Cithe had overcome,
With laurer corouned in his char goldbete
Hom to his contre houses is he come,
For which the peple, blisful al and somme,
So cryeden that to the sterres hit wente
And him to honouren dide al her entente.

Beforn this duk in signe of victorie
The trompes come, and in his baner large
The ymage of Mars, and in tokenyng of glorie
Men myghte sen of tresour many a charge,
Many a bright helm, and many a spere and targe,
Many a fresh knyght and many a blysful route
On hors, on fote, in al the feld aboute.
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