Where Love Are You?

How sweet does the hour seem When the sun's gone bed
And gay clouds soft as dreams O'er the south west spread
When the bee sleeps till morn Where thistles adorn
The lane banks by the hedges All summered wi dew
Dragon flies on the sedges
But where love are you.

Our choice hour of meeting Youve let it go by
Me the woodbine is greeting But lonely am I
The bees on the thistle Where grass crickets whistle
And lady birds creeping Regardless o' dew
With nature they're keeping
But where love are you.

You promised by sunshine Where the woodbine blooms sweetly
You would come here and be mine
When the dews on the flower In this lane you would love me
Tis a beautiful hour And the moon shines above me
You spoke not intending
But where love are you.
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