To whom should I sue to ease my pain?


To whom should I sue to ease my pain?
To my mistress? Nay, nay, certain!
For fear she should me then disdain
I dare not sue, I dare not sue.

When I should speak to my mistress
In hope therefore to get redress,
[My words cannot my pain express]
When I should speak, when I should speak.

What hap had I, that suffereth pain,
An if I might her grace attain
Or else she would hear me complain?
What hap had I, what hap had I?

I fly for fear to be espied
Or of evil will to be destroyed.
The place where I would fainest abide
I fly for fear, I fly for fear.

Though I were bold who should me blame?
Love caused me to do the same.
With honesty it were no shame
Though I were bold, though I were bold.

And here an end with full glad will
In purpose for to serve her still;
And for to part I think none ill.
And here an end, and here an end.
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