Why Dont Ye Love June

Jane why dont ye love Jane
In your own sweet arms love come and enfold me
For your face like the Rose is the sweetest that glows
It does my heart good to behold thee
Love—Love Jinney dear
Tis the spring o the year
O let me kiss thy sweet face and enfold thee
Let me lean on thy breast
And be lov'd into rest
For it does my soul good to behold thee
Jane—Jane—why dont ye love Jane
Little lambs love their Mithers and lay by their side
Twa double white Lilies they're full o will nill is
Let them be natures and dress like a bride
Love—Love in true love
Like the nest o' the dove
And saft we will nestle by each ithers side
Take thy hair out o curls
Ise win mair than the worls
If ise be the Bridegroom and thou be the Bride—
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