The Wind that Shakes the Rushes

The wind that shakes the rushes Upon the thistley crowded green
The wind that stirs the bushes Where the thrushes nest has been
That curdles o'er the water On the stone pits down the lane
There live the " ale" wifes daughter The bonny buxsome Jane.

She's sweeter than the wild rose On the white thorn fence in June
Her voice more sweet and mild flows Then ballads sung in tune
The bees upon the hive stones Sing by the window pane
And sable bees the wild ones Sing pleasant songs to Jane.

The skylark nauntles through the grass And startles in the air
And sings above the bonny lass His ballads sweet and fair
The sooty blackbird sings so loud Till echo sings again
And robin in the hovel proud Will sing to bonny Jane.

Her wind waved gown was bonny brown Wi' wheat blade strip's O green
A sweeter girl i' all the town Than she was never seen
The village bells O' sabbath days Sound sweetly down the lane
They seem to sing in various ways go in and marry Jane.
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