The Winds Blow Softly

The winds blow softly strong And the trees are tossed about
And we scarce can hear the Song or sound the lark is pipeing out
In the sky above the wind Where we hear them not so loud
I' the roar and thunder joined And the ever racing cloud.

The bushes toss like waves And the woods like thunder roar
Wi' their green and yawning graves To the pastures rushy shore
Yet it passes like a lover I' the summer's warm embrace
As soft while passing over As loves kisses on the face.

How fresh it makes the maiden how soft her drapery swims
Her cheeks wi' rosey's laden How round her lovely limbs
It lays her ancles bare and wins a thousand ways
What swelling calves are there Which the courting wind betrays.

How soft it waves the willows How smooth it bows the grass
Green undulating billows And flowers like bits O' glass
Her neckerchief flap[s] up And bares her shoulder white
The daiseys where the lambs heaks up Is nothing ne'er so bright.
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