In wisdom God hath made the world

In wisdom God hath made the world,
And still upholds its wondrous frame;
The planets, in their orbits whirled,
Roll round their endless path the same.

The same unchanging laws control
The suns that sparkle in the skies,—
The waves that now in calmness roll,
And now in wildest tempest rise.

The winds obey his word, and go
Where'er his mandate sends them forth;
They now in balmy zephyrs flow,
Now whistle from the icy North.

The rain descends, the fields are green,
And smile to catch the falling showers;
The clouds are gone, and earth is seen
To mourn in summer's scorching hours.

Lightnings await his voice, and fly
On wings of flame athwart the storm;
Whose midnight volume, rolling by,
Lifts, like a tower, its giant form.

The spring is but his smile of love,
The tempest but his angry frown;
His music charms us in the grove,
And then he pours his torrents down.

The dew, the rain, the frost, the snow,
And night and day, his power proclaim;
And all their varying changes show
The hand that guides them still the same.
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