A Wish


I wish I was the bonny thrush
That in the hazel sings
Hid i' the crimpt leaved stoven bush
Where blue the air bell springs
I wish I was the little flower
Beneath the mossy tree
I might enjoy one happy hour
A creeping strawberry


I hate to hear the vulgar crowd
The language of the vain
I'd sooner stiffen in a shroud
Upon the battle plain
My garden then would gather weeds
My children look and sigh
The tear drops on the book I read
While I in prison lie


I wish I was the garden pea
Beneath the cottage thatch
That I my childrens joy might see
And all their pleasures watch
Or butterfly upon the wing
Their little sports to help
The sweetest birds that ever sing
Are their house sparrows chelp


While they laid down their little heads
I'd sleep in blebs o' dew
And hear them talking in their beds
The starry season through
And see them in the morning charm
Stand 'mong the flowers so cool
And take their baskets on their arm
And creep like snails to school


O I would be an insect
In woods and thickets lone
An idle thing of solitude
To lewder life unknown
Hid in the bosom of a flower
Its lifetime there to dwell
Eternity would seem an hour
And I'd be resting well
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