Of all the jewels upon heavens breast
The sun in splendour darkens all the rest
Of all the jewels that on earth we prize
Where is the gem can match a womans eyes
Ah did they know the beauty they possess
Theyd never try by art to make it less
The parted hair that leaves the forhead bare
Is far more sweet then false curls hanging there
The cheek tho pale—more lusious far then all
The tricks that picture beauty into thrall
For natures beauty owns white roseys too
& never stain[s] them with the others hue
& yet so fair so beautiful they seem
No choice could part them from the tastes esteem
Two different blossoms upon beautys stem
Wooes all to praise & nothing to condemn
Thus beautys presence met in every place
Claims its own power & none mistake its face
Fair dark or rosey—& more fair then these
The mind in woman never fails to please

When travel wanders from its home afar
Woman in fancy is its polar star—
Where beauty dwells tho barren mountains shine
He looks—admires—& thinks the land divine
& where the sweetest eden owns them not
The land seems nothing like a thing forgot
Thus eden loosing woman—joy did roam
& turned no more to seek its early home
Till all its paths grassed oer & lost their way
& left it desert to this very day

Simplicity & innosence embrace
Beautys perfections in a lovely face
& wisdom like a gem of high intent
Is more then beauty—tis its ornament

The rich blue veins about her bosom lie
Like heavens inlets in the laughing sky

Time does & undoes & with cheating eyes
Charters on woman beauty as her prize
He wreaths her hair with grace for graces sake
& lays the lily sleeping in her neck
& on her breast heaves pillows up for love
So sweet that angels left their rest above
To loiter there upon its snowy down
& kings have [pluckt] the jewels of their crowns
To barter times rich jewel on her lips
Whose breathing balm did rubys light eclipse
& on her cheeks he planted roseys there
So red so blushing so uncommon fair
Edens own garden left no likeness there

When Eve of life & angels took her leave
To grace a world that did her heart decieve
Where reigning time so calous & unwise
Owns beautys jewel & disdains the prize
Dimming its luscious daughters heavenly prime
That makes earth heaven—rude destroying time
Thy frowns may drop the roseys from her face
Yet womans beauty wears more lasting grace
A root remains too deep for time to kill
Love owns their hearts & makes them angels still

The sun is hanging all so bright & high
That all may see him in the open sky
Then turn not day to night but throw away
These dusky veils & let us see the day
Let kindness guide thy looks & anger never
Nor hide thy beauty to disdain the giver
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