This word 'redeem' that in his mouth did sound

This word " redeem" that in his mouth did sound
Did put David, it seemeth unto me,
As in a trance to stare upon the ground
And with his thought the height of heaven to see,
Where he beholds the Word that should confound
The sword of death, by humble ear to be
In mortal maid, in mortal habit made,
Eternal life in mortal veil to shade.

He seeth that Word, when full ripe time should come,
Do way that veil by fervent affection,
Torn off with death (for death should have her doom),
And leapeth lighter from such corruption
Than glint of light that in the air doth lome.
Man redeemed, death hath her destruction,
That mortal veil hath immortality,
David assurance of his iniquity.

Whereby he frames this reason in his heart:
" That goodness which doth not forbear his son
From death for me and can thereby convert
My death to life, my sin to salvation,
Both can and will a smaller grace depart
To him that sueth by humble supplication.
And since I have his larger grace assayed,
To ask this thing why am I then afraid?

" He granteth most to them that most do crave
And he delights in suit without respect.
Alas, my son pursues me to the grave,
Suffered by God my sin for to correct.
But of my sin since I my pardon have,
My son's pursuit shall shortly be reject.
Then will I crave with sured confidence."
And thus begins the suit of his pretence.
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