Written in 1792, at Rennie in Ireland, where Spenser Had an Estate, and Resided

'T WAS here that Nature to the Poet's dream
Gave her enchanting forms, and bless'd his Muse
With scenes that Mole from his proud summit views
Enamour'd still; where M ULLA'S wizard stream,
With hues unborrow'd of the Solar beam,
In frolic dance her glittering wave pursues;
Or where the cold and leafless rocks accuse
The ear, that heard unmov'd the giant-scream
Of many an ancient forest, crush'd and slain.
'Twas here that from Lismore , with state oppress'd
The Fugitive took shelter: it was here
That verse could soothe Ambition's goading pain,
With charm inspir'd: — Historian, blot the rest!
And spare the Muses a degrading tear!
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